Thursday, February 27, 2014

i3 lecture series at the Masters of Professional Studies in Digital Photography

If you couldn't attend the i3 lecture series at the Masters of Professional Studies in Digital Photography at the School of Visual Arts, hosted by Mr. Jaime Permuth and Ms. Katrin Eismann, you can listen to the podcats!

The series is freely published on iTunes (also Vimeo & YouTube): Listen here to Sean Perry's lecture!

All about Sean Perry's work on All about photo

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Giacomo Brunelli: Eternal London

Still in London, don't miss at the Photographer/s Gallery the new exhibition of Italian photographer Giacomo Brunelli.

From 28 February until 27 April
The Photographer's Gallery

All about Giacomo Brunelli

Friday, February 21, 2014

The 4th Masterclass is launched!

If you want to learn from the best and visit France at the same time, the Masterclass is for you!

It is a six-month Photography Workshop conducted by Diana Lui & Klavdij Sluban
Dates: 7th June, 2014 - 9th November, 2014

Workshop fee: 1600 €
Participants are accepted on a first come first served basis

This master-class workshop will guide participants individually and collectively over a six-month period :

- to define or develop further their photographic projects over a period of six months. Projects can be professional, personal or artistic.

- to further develop their style, concept, technique or to break away from it

- to construct coherent series of images for specific projects and needs

- to work towards finalizing a project

- to cultivate a critical and creative eye, to learn to read and interprete images made by other participants and photographers

- to edit, a key element to successful photographic projects and one of the most difficult skills to master for any photographer

- to learn to express one's views in photographic and artistic terms, to learn to share points of views regarding photography and art

- to help find the best production and presentation for the photographic work (size, paper, framing, developing and printing photo laboratories) for photo competitions, awards, scholarships, schools and universities, photojouranlism, book publishing, galleries, festivals, industrial and corporate reports, etc.

Through 3 pre-programmed weekend group meetings, 3 monthly individual meetings in person or by e-mail and skype, close guidance and attention will be regularly given to each participant to help him/her during his/her creative evolution 

Check out all the details here