Friday, June 19, 2015

Poland: Solace / Wyciszenie June 11 - July 31, 2015

Exhibiting in Poland for the first time at the Kasia Michalski Gallery, Jurek Wajdowicz presents "Solace / Wyciszenie" a collection of large scale, abstract photographs which bring to mind a vision of an urban environment seen from a distance; dazzling with light and color, vibrating in constant, yet imperceptible movement. These contemplative, minimalist images float somewhere on the edge of abstraction and reality inspiring an atmosphere of tranquility, inviting the viewer to meditate and question what they are looking at. Wajdowicz's fine art photographic book "Liminal Spaces_Fotografie 75" was published in Fall 2013 by Lars Müller Publishers. 

Kasia Michalski Gallery
ul. Poznańska 16
00-680 Warszawa, PL

Jurek Wajdowicz lives and works in New York City. Together with Lisa LaRochelle, he is principal of the award-winning design firm Emerson, Wajdowicz Studios (EWS). EWS works with international humanitarian organizations and prestigious non-profit institutions around the world such as the Arcus Foundation, the Guttmacher Institute, Magnum Photos, Médecins Sans Frontières, the Rockefeller Foundation The UN Population Fund and UNICEF.

Jurek Wajdowicz is acknowledged as one of the leading graphic designers internationally known for his photojournalistic creative approach to design. Recently, in the 50th Anniversary Survey of the Graphic Design: USA magazine, Wajdowicz was selected among the “Most Influential Graphic Designers of the Past 50 Years”.

Jurek Wajdowicz’s art photography and design work is included in the permanent collections of the United States Library of Congress, the National September 11 Memorial & Museum (USA), the United Nations (Geneva and New York), the Poster Museum in Wilanow (Poland), Arcus Foundation (New York), the Musée des Arts Décoratifs (Switzerland), American Institute of Graphic Arts (New York), Muzeum Sztuki in Lodz (Poland), the Rockefeller Foundation (New York) and the Hamburg’s Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe (Germany), as well as in the private collections in the USA, Germany and Poland.


Merlin Bird Photo ID

At one time or another, everyone asks the question, “What is that bird?”

Finding the answer can be remarkably challenging. Part of the mission of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology is to help people find that answer. We know it is hard to figure out the name of the bird you saw when sorting through a massive field guide, using search engines, and other resources.
Merlin is designed to be a birding coach for beginning and intermediate bird watchers.

Merlin asks you the same questions that an expert birder would ask to help solve a mystery bird sighting. Notice that date and location are Merlin’s first and most important questions. It takes years of experience in the field to know what species are expected at a given location and date. Merlin shares this this knowledge with you based on more than 70 million sightings submitted to eBird from birders across the United States and Canada.

Merlin also asks you to describe the color, size, and behavior of the bird you saw. Because no two people describe birds exactly the same way, Merlin presents a shortlist of possible species based on descriptions from Cornell Lab experts as well as thousands of bird enthusiasts who helped “teach” Merlin by participating in online activities. They’ve contributed more than 3 million descriptors to help Merlin match your input with the most likely birds. When you identify a species and click “This is My Bird,” Merlin also saves your record to help improve its future performance.

We launched Merlin with 285 species most commonly encountered in North America. Our goal is to add more species and more features to keeping improving Merlin’s accuracy through time. High on our wish list is a prompt enabling you to give Merlin a hint about the shape or type of bird you saw (e.g., songbird, shorebird, raptor). We appreciate your feedback about what’s working for you, what isn’t, and features you’d like to see. If you’d like to support our efforts to continue developing Merlin, please consider making a donation.

All about Merlin Bird Photo ID

Friday, June 5, 2015

Lausanne: Musée de l’Elysée reGeneration3

What future for photography? May 29 - Auguste 23, 2015

Every five years, the Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne, Switzerland, offers an overview of contemporary young photographers. The institution asks the world’s major photography schools to submit the work of their five best students. In 2015, they contacted 350 schools and ended up with 50 projects from 18 different countries. An interesting selection we invite you to discover directly on their website.

Jennifer Thoreson, Soulmates, from the serie Testament  

Artist are: Magdalena Baranya (CH), Emile Barret (FR), Mohit Bhatia (IN), Giacomo Bianchetti (CH), Rachel Boillot (US), Jan Brykczyński (PL), Delphine Burtin (CH/FR), Juno Calypso (UK), Rachel Cox (US), Angélica Dass (BR/ES), Emilie De Battista (CH), Michael Etzensperger (CH), Veronika Geiger (DK), Anna Gutová et Gabriel Fragner (CZ), Artur Gutowski (PL), Elizabeth Hewson (UK), Karl Isakson (SE), Jung A Kim (KR), Jonna Kina (FI), Karel Koplimets (EE), Marek Kucharski et Diana Lelonek (PL), Ola Lanko (UA), Jae Hoon Lee (KR), Michael Liani (IL), Silin Liu (CN), Emily Macinnes (UK), Robert Mainka (PL), Irene Muñoz Martin (ES), Loan Nguyen (CH/FR), Nobukho Nqaba (ZA), Martyna Pawlak (FR/PL), Emilio Pemjean (ES/CL), Constance et Philippine Proux (FR), Laurence Rasti (CH), Simon Rimaz (CH), Jacinthe Robillard (CA), Paul Samuels (ZA), Ulrike Schmitz (DE), Juuke Schoorl (NL), Corinne Silva (UK), Sara Skorgan Teigen (NO), Gaia Squarci (IT), Harit Srikhao (TH), Benjamin Swanson (UK), Jennifer Thoreson (US), Sinan Tuncay (TR), Matt Waples (CA), Piotr Zbierski (PL), Tereza Zelenkova (CZ), Li Zhi (CN).

Jennifer B. Thoreson, Cancer, de la série Testament, 2014

More information: HERE

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Madrid: Paul Strand at the Fondation MAPFRE

A retrospective of the work of American photographer and filmmaker Paul Strand, curated by Peter Barberie of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, opens today at the Fondation MAPFRE. The exhibition covers Strand’s career from the 1910s to the 1960s, from his early work, to his efforts to make photography into a major independent art form, to his published portraits of people and places. The exhibition features over 200 works from museums and private collections including the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Young Boy, Gondeville, Charente, France, 1951
Paul Strand
From June 3rd to August 23rd, 2015
Fondation MAPFRE
13 rue Bárbara de Braganza

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Athens Photo Festival

The main programme of the Athens Photo Festival 2015 will take place from 3 June through 26 July 2015, at the Benaki Museum, featuring 78 established and emerging artists from 25 countries. The 2015 festival theme under the on the interconnections between collective and individual memory, time and perception, exploring the relationship between past and present, both experimental and mainstream.

The festival was founded in 1987, under the name International Month of Photography in Athens, as a biennial event. It is the longest-running festival of photography in Greece, and one of the five oldest of its kind in the world.

In 1997, the festival turned into an annual event. In 2008, was officially renamed the Athens Photo Festival in order to reflect upon the festival’s expanding programme which now embraced a wide range of events that are completely in tune with today’s social and aesthetics needs.

Ever since its creation, the festival has remained faithful to its founding purpose, raising audiences awareness of photography and acting as a catalyst for lens-based practice within Greece and a showcase for contemporary trends, new talent from all over the world and the very best of Greek photography.

More info: HERE

Monday, June 1, 2015

Copenhagen Photo Festival

Copenhagen Photo Festival was founded in 2010, to raise awareness about, and focus on, photography. The festival showcases Danish as well as international contemporary photography in urban spaces, art and cultural institutions, galleries and photo schools. Danish photography nowadays is receiving substantial recognition worldwide. CPF promotes Danish and Nordic photography internationally, as well as bringing the international photo scene to Denmark.

Everyday we encounter photography: in the media, public spaces and on the contemporary art scene. The festival seeks to awaken public awareness of photographic images surrounding us – where did they arise? What stories are they telling us?

Copenhagen Photo Festival’s main aim is to create an international platform for contemporary photography in Denmark. A platform, which explores the different aspects of photography, raising theoretical discussions and presenting new works.  It’s an opportunity for both emerging and established photographers as well as amateurs, to network and explore contemporary photography.

The founders of Copenhagen Photo Festival are Julie Navne Klitbo and Rasmus Ranum.

Copenhagen Photo Festival is set for June 4-14th 2015. Official opening in Photo City June 4th at 4 pm.