Monday, July 19, 2021

New Call for Entry: AAP Magazine #20 TRAVELS


Our 20th printed issue of AAP Magazine will feature the best projects showcasing the theme: Travels. Reflect on your past or current adventures, expand our horizons from the four corners of the globe!

We are looking for your travel photographs, near and far, to the edge of the earth and to the places perhaps known only to you. Whether you're hauling around a view camera and a tripod or just pulling a mobile phone out of your back pocket, we want to see what you've captured and how you're telling your story.

There's a world out there to explore. Open your eyes to its landscapes, people, cultures - on your doorstep or 10,000 miles away. Expand our horizons!

All genres, capture types, color and B&W, traditional and non-traditional photographic and digital post-production processes are welcome for submission.

Please send us a cohesive body of work or portfolio. Only a unified group of photos will be published in AAP Magazine. Images that were previously published in AAP Magazine cannot be submitted again.

Winners will receive $1,000 in cash awards, their winning image(s) or full portfolio published in AAP Magazine Vol.20, extensive press coverage and global recognition.

All winners will have their work published in the 20th printed issue of AAP Magazine, a free copy of the magazine and their portfolio showcased in the Winners Gallery of

Applications will be assessed on three criteria: creativity, originality, and the visual/emotional impact of the image. The winners will be announced on All About Photo, our newsletter and social media.

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Amsterdam: The Constructed Image

 The Ravestijn Gallery cordially invites you to The Constructed Image, a group exhibition that brings together nineteen (inter)national and experimental artists who showcase photography’s ability to not only reproduce but also be a source for something new.

These diverse approaches are brought together in an exhibition that is itself constructed. Specially for The Constructed Image, temporary walls will be installed in the gallery, dividing the existing area and creating new spaces that echo the exhibition’s underpinning theme. It will also bring the artists into fresh proximity, in turn kindling new associations and comparisons between them.

As individuals, each artist offers their own, markedly different perspective on what it means to construct an image. As a whole, the exhibition bears witness to the fact that today photography is more than it has ever been. It is no longer only a flat end bound by tradition but a beginning to new ways of imagining.


Matt Lipps Themes, 2013
C-print, mounted and framed with museum glass / diptych measures 183 x 237 cm (72 x 93 inches)
Edition AP 1/2 - Total edition of 5 plus 2 AP



More information:

Westerdok 824 / 1013 BV Amsterdam / The Netherlands

Website: Ravestijn Gallery

More exhibitions:   All About Photo

Monday, July 5, 2021

Paris: Summer Selection at Galerie Miranda

 Chloe Sells - Takeshi Shikama - Laura Stevens - Terri Weifenbach
1 - 31 July, 2021
For its 2021 group summer show, the gallery is delighted to present selected recent works by three gallery artists in dialogue with the delicate, large format works of Japanese artist Takeshi Shikama.

The project is simple: present new, rarely or unseen works by these gallery artists, that exhale the peaceful calm and warmth of summer.

More information about the exhibition: HERE

© Laura Stevens

© Laura Stevens

Galerie Miranda
21 rue du Château d’Eau . 75010 Paris
T +33(0)1-40 38 36 53   
Tue-Sat 12-7pm

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Thursday, July 1, 2021

Milan: Maurizio Cattelan: Breath Ghosts Blind

Curated by Roberta Tenconi and Vicente TodolĂ­

Opening on Wednesday 14 July 2021, from 5 PM
Preview Members-only: reserved access to the exhibition from 10 AM to 5 PM. Become a Member

Access to the exhibition opening will be by booking only. Further reservation details will be communicated on this page and on our social media next week

Maurizio Cattelan (b. Padua, 1960) is one of the most prominent Italian artists in the world. Through his practice and over his thirty-year long career, he has staged actions that are often considered provocative and irreverent. His works highlight the paradoxes of society and reflect on political and cultural scenarios with great depth and insight. By using iconic images and a caustic visual language, his works spark heated public debate fostering a sense of collective participation. Conceiving artworks inspired by images that draw on historical events, figures or symbols of contemporary society—sometimes recalled even in its most disturbing and traumatizing sides—the artist invites the viewer to change perspective and to acknowledge the complexity and ambiguity of reality.


Image: Courtesy of Maurizio Cattelan's Archive

Learn more about the exhibition here:

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