Monday, July 13, 2015

Half King Photography Series #33

Karolin Klüppel / Mädchenland, Kingdom of Girls
Opening night talk Tuesday, July 21, 2015, 7:30 p.m.

Half King Photography series is pleased to welcome Karolin Klüppel on July 21 for the opening of her exhibit Mädchenland. Mädchenland, meaning Kingdom of Girls, is the result of Karolin’s nine-month stay with the Khasi, a matrilineal people in northeast India. With the Khasi, all business and culture is managed by wives and mothers, inheritance follows female lines, and marriage roles and customs are driven by wives and entirely promote daughters. Karolin’s lively, provocative portraits of Khasi girls in the village of Mawlynnong comprises a formal exploration of the tribe’s future leaders.

The opening will feature a slideshow and discussion with Karolin, led by Anna Van Lenten, curator of The Half King Photography Series.

Based in Berlin, Karolin Klüppel’s work focuses on gender relations and matrilineal or matriarchal societies. She studied at the School of Art and Design in Kassel and at the Faculdade de Belas Artes in Lisbon, and holds an MFA in photography. Recent exhibits include the Voices Off festival in Arles (2012) and Festival Circulation(s) in Paris (2015). Mädchenland’s awards include the Canon Profifoto Award (2014) and the Bourse du Talent #62 Portrait Award. Klüppel’s work has been published in The New York Times, The Independent, The Huffington Post, and The Washington Post, among others.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

CPAC Workshops this Summer

Developing Your Personal Vision
Grant Leighton
Thursdays July 9-August 13  6-9pm
$247.50 Members, $275 Non-Members

Defining a Personal Vision is a workshop designed to recognize and bring out the expression and individual voice of each student. Sometimes we need help seeing exactly what our pictures are about; how do we improve, what do the pictures mean? Over the course of six classes students will be provided with both the time and guidance that will foster a solid body of work and gain deeper insight into their own personal vision.

Innovative iPhonegraphy
Karen Divine
Saturday & Sunday July 11-12  9am-12:30pm
$157.50 Members, $175 Non-Members

Learn to create amazing composites using the iPhone and focusing on just a few apps. Karen will teach you to integrate images and concepts into a final piece. Through practical demonstrations and a "field trip" in our immediate surroundings, students learn to combine images in order to express your own unique vision as a photographic artist. You will love using your phone in an entirely creative way.

Film & Darkroom 1: Beginning B&W
Michael Snively
July 15-August 5 6-9pm
$232.50 Members, $255 Non-Members

Film and Darkroom 1 is a workshop focused on the basic mechanics of making a B&W silver-gelatin photograph, from learning how to operate a camera, to developing film and making prints in the darkroom. Students can use a 35mm or medium format camera. The class meets on Wednesdays with additional lab time on Monday evenings.

Intro to Large Format Photography
Michael Snively
July 25-26 All-day
$247.50 Members, $275 Non-Members

Large-Format Photography uses simple yet powerful cameras to produce large negatives for printing in the darkoom or digitally at incredible resolution and detail. In this class everything is provided: Camera, film, and on location instruction in the field. We start on Friday evening with class session for familiarization to camera set up and operation, as well as film handling. Saturday will be spent photographing in the landscape. Sunday is into the darkroom to develop and proof the film.

More classes and workshops HERE

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

UK: Ilford Photo support for National Media Museum artist in Residence program

ILFORD PHOTO support for National Media Museum Artist in Residence Programme
‘Double Exposure: A Tale of Two Planets in Darkness and Light’

Light Fantastic is part of a year-long Festival of Light at The National Media Museum in Bradford celebrating the UNESCO International Year of Light.

It includes an Artist in Residence programme supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. From 18th July to 4th September 2015 the museum will host artists Cherry Kino and Alchemy as they create ‘Double Exposure: A Tale of Two Planets in Darkness and Light’

This artwork presented by Martha Jurksaitis (Cherry Kino, based in Portugal) & Christian Hardy (Alchemy Studio, based in Bradford) will create two fictional worlds – one permanently bathed in daylight and the other in constant dark. It is the first time the National Media Museum has appointed artists-in-residence to a temporary gallery.

Christian Hardy said, “For our exhibition we have envisioned as a concept two planets, one that exists in perpetual light, and one that exists in perpetual darkness. We have chosen as our subjects six characters who live on each planet, each of whom has a special relationship to light. For example, one of our subjects has extreme photosensitivity, and another is blind. We will be utilising analogue materials and techniques to create an exhibition of works that imaginatively illustrate this narrative”.

Visitors will be able to see the artists at work and interact with Martha and Christian as they develop new prints in a purpose-built darkroom that has a viewing window. Adults and families will also have the chance to take part in free activities such as creating their own cyanotypes – a photograph made without a camera!

Martha Jurksaitis said: “This residency is such a unique opportunity for us to present analogue film and photography processes as accessible to all, and ripe with diverse ideas, techniques and aesthetics. Through our working darkroom, viewable by the public, we will hopefully rejuvenate interest in the hand-made craft of the analogue image in a digital age, creating two very different visual worlds defined by light and dark.”

More info: HERE