Sunday, August 9, 2020

France: Corps D'Hommes by Laura Stevens

 5 September - 31 October
Vernissage Saturday 5 September 17h - 19h

Galerie Miranda
21 rue du Ch√Ęteau d'Eau, 75010, Paris
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"23 November, II," (2018) Archival pigment print, 30x45 cm, Edition of 10.

 "In a quest for a personal vision of masculine beauty, Stevens photographs the bodies of men of different ages with a gaze that is observant, curious, open and sensual yet not sexualized. Stevens is interested in the lines and forms created by the men's poses, finding beauty and humanity in each unique body, irrespective of their proportions. Thus exposed, the men are simultaneously virile and vulnerable; muscled and gracile; confident and shy. With great simplicity and a soft photographic palette that recalls realist painting, Stevens captures their individuality with a contemporary feminist vision that is fundamentally egalitarian."

"23 January, III," (2018) Archival pigment print, 90x60 cm, Edition of 8. 
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