Monday, April 20, 2020

All About Photo Awards 2020 Winners On YouTube

Thank you to all the participants who made this contest possible. 
We also couldn't have done this without our prestigious jurors: 
Elizabeth Avedon (Photography book and exhibition designer, independent curator and writer) Laurent Baheux (Photographer, UN Ambassador for the environment and active protector of wildlife) Alex Cammarano (Founder and CEO of Daylighted) 
Julia Dean (Photographer, Educator, Writer, and Executive Director/ Founder of the Los Angeles Center of Photography - LACP) 
Sandrine Hermand-Grisel (Photographer, Founder & Editor of All About Photo) 
Ann Jastrab (Executive Director, Center for Photographic Art, Carmel, CA) 
Juli Lowe (Director, Catherine Edelman Gallery) 
The winner and Photographer of the Year 2020 is Monica Denevan (USA) with her image "Across the River, Burma" from the series "Songs of the River: Portraits from Burma." 
The second-place winner is Gabriele Galimberti (Italy), the third-place winner is Rebecca Moseman (USA), the fourth-place winner Nadia De Lange (Switzerland) and the fifth-place winner is Nicole Cambre (Belgium). 
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Edited by Auguste Hermand Discover more on: All About Photo