Monday, February 4, 2019

Italy: Giorgio Di Maio in Florence

Giorgio Di Maio exibit his work Correspondences in Florence, Onart Gallery, Via della Pergola 61, from the 9 at 18 February in a Collective of Contemporary Photography entitled "La Materia dei sensi" ( "The Matter of senses") dedicated at sensuality, at sensual fascination that emanate from not only the body but the inanimate things.

The modern poetry began with the Charles Baudelaire’s lyrics Correspondances, mystical vision where the Nature is capital. The bloody poet, who loves pleasures and excessis, entrusts his lyrics not the objective description of the reality but a function to know the true essence of things. Giorgio Di Maio, researcher of Hidden Harmony, find the correspondences between the colors and the geometries in the reality and the soul of observer.

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