Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Québec: Valérian Mazataud Grand Nord

Exhibition presented as part of festival Art Souterrain 2019.
February 28th – Avril 6th 2019

Opening Reception: February 28th, 5:30pm

Project description

Valérian Mazataud is a journalist, photographer and artist deeply invested in exploring new strategies to engage the viewer in this age of media. Since July 2018, he has been working on Grand Nord, a project based on photography workshops offered to residents of Montréal-Nord.

During these workshops, retirees, adults and teenagers invited to revisit photo archives from their neighborhood discovered a rich image-based popular history: from community celebrations to romantic trysts; from turnip fields to shopping centres; from the village of Sainte-Gertrude in the 1940s to refugees from the Haitian earthquake of 2010. Through their aesthetic choices, research, role-playing, and collaborative work with the artist, workshop participants recreated these scenes to produce new images based on their own local history.

Mazataud’s work embodies a reflection on documentary approaches in photography, and the relative nature of their objectivity. Having been struck by the strength of the social bond in Montréal-Nord, he committed himself to a collaborative process with members of the community. At Skol, he is presenting the photo series and sound recordings that emerged from these workshops.

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